Five Free or Inexpensive Activities to do in Paris!


Luxembourg Gardens in Paris 1. Ride the bus! Number 69 takes you past many of the landmarks of Paris (starting near the Eiffel Tower) and ends up at Pere Lachaise cemetery, where tons of famous people are buried, including Jim Morrison, Sarah Bernhardt, Oscar Wilde, Proust and Chopin. 2. Take the escalator up as far as you can, and then …

Look Younger, Live Longer? The Case for Inner Health, Outer Beauty


Genetics, bone structure and cosmetic procedures (which may make you look smoother, but not necessarily younger and sometimes just strange) aside, there is some proof that your appearance is dependent on your internal health. Handcrafted soaps from Marseilles Once people reach the middle of their lives, the way they have lived up to that point is literally written all over …

Little Life Box – Sample Health Conscious Products!


Who doesn’t love a present? Little Life Box is a Canadian subscription service, packed with goodies for health conscious consumers. The boxes are shipped on the first Monday of every month. The samples even come gift wrapped!  If you decide to send the box to someone else, you can be sure they will be thrilled to get such a nice surprise …

8 Ways to Instantly Look More Youthful!


As we approach or even pass the mid-point of our lives, we are thankful to still be here, enjoying life – it is a privilege denied to many. I am not a fan of “anti-aging” since I think we should embrace our wisdom (and maybe even a few wrinkles) and enjoy to the full whatever stage of life we currently …

London B&B Caters to Dietary Restrictions – The Wellness Home


While visiting London recently, we found a really great place to stay – The Wellness Home, on the west side of London, in a cute area of shops called Chiswick. London. It was mere steps from the tube and and easy to get downtown quickly on the District or Piccadilly line. The hosts, Valerie and David, are very welcoming, helpful and …

Sweet Peas in Paris


Some eye candy for you today, featuring my favourite shades of amethyst mauve and muted green. Stay tuned for my recently designed logo (which incorporates the same pretty palette) and brand spanking new website, which is almost ready to launch!

Health Benefits of Coffee – It’s NOT All Bad!


Some of you may be surprised to hear that I have gone back to drinking coffee. A little bit. Mind you, I don’t brew endless pots and sip on it all day long as I once did! Why would I decide to once again take up a habit I worked hard to break? Why start drinking coffee again when there …