Stevia – Nature’s Sugar


Here is my aforementioned stevia plant. When I make a green smoothie or juice, I add a few leaves. Since I live in Canada, with freezing winter temperatures soon to come, I will probably have to buy another plant next year. It is possible to do root cuttings to propogate more plants or, if you live in a warmer climate, …

Pineapple Blueberry Coconut Smoothie


1 c. unsweetened vanilla almond milk (you can use whichever milk you prefer)1/2 c. fresh coconut water1/4 c. fresh coconut meat from a young thai coconut1″ thick slice pineapple, with rind and core removed, cut into pieces1 frozen banana1/3 c. frozen blueberries2 c. ice cubessweetener to taste This drink is full of nutrition and antioxidants! I like to blend the …

Cruda Cafe at St. Lawrence Market in Toronto


This rich, raw vegan dish featured raw gnocchi topped with a savory carbonara sauce over shredded yellow zucchini noodles with some sprouts and a creamy sauce. In my opinion, it would have benefited from being warmed in a dehydrator but it was tasty, if perhaps a bit bland.

Raw Non-Dairy Ice Cream!


This summer I tried an assortment of Blue Mountain Cashew Creamery frozen desserts and had fun sampling most the flavors – mango, strawberry, chocolate, vanilla and mint cacao chip (my favorite – couldn’t keep away from it!) Cappuccino is also available, for those who are coffee fans. This delicious, cool treat is organic, nut-free and agave sweetened, with no soy, …

House of Verona – Raw Food Retreat

For anyone who has ever longed for a getaway that includes delicious raw food look no further – the House of Verona is a company that organizes retreats in the beautiful and scenic town of Blue Mountain, Ontario, Canada. The varied retreats (some include cooked vegan fare as well) are held at chalets equipped with hot tubs and decks designed …

Tie Your Scarf Like a Parisian!

Did you ever wonder how those chic French women always have such perfectly tied scarves? I just discovered this video on all the secrets of scarf tying, the french way, so you can look nonchalantly fabulous too!

Indian Cooking – Exotic and Delicious!


I find it fascinating to investigate the varied cuisine of different cultures. Indian cooking can be healthful and delicious. Some ingredients, such as ghee, can be substituted with more healthy options, such as coconut oil. I am sure that a traditional chef would be horrified, but I like to experiment with changes such as that and also lessening the amount …