E3Live for energy!


These days, this is the only type of shot I am doing. E3Live is energy in a bottle! Upper Klamath Lake in Oregon is the source of this special blue-green algae which contains enzymes, easily absorbed protein and antioxidants. The website for the product states that E3Live, “contains more protein and chlorophyll than any other food source.” I started taking …

Raw Apple Crisp


This is so yummy, nutritious and worth the effort! The recipe makes lots to share with friends or family, but it also keeps well in the refrigerator. The apples tend to soften somewhat, which I find desirable for this recipe. I like to store the topping and apple layer separately in the fridge, to keep the topping from getting soggy. …

Raw and Living Foods Expert: Brian Clement of The Hippocrates Health Institute


If you are interested in the healing and anti-aging properties of raw food, Brian Clement of The Hippocrates Institute has a lot to say on the subject. I recently had the chance to hear him speak in Barrie, Ontario at an event sponsored by M&B Alchemy, a small company near Orangeville, Ontario that delivers raw foods to the Toronto area. …

Upaya Naturals – Online Shopping for Raw Foodies

Sale online this weekend at Upaya Naturals – get 10% off your entire order! I have ordered hard to find stuff like raw ice cream (the mint cacao chip was awesome), truly raw almonds that will sprout and raw kelp noodles from this company. They even have a pick up location off the Danforth for those who live nearby and …

Dollar Store Find


I love these stylish, square glass jars from the dollar store. Fill these glass, non-toxic (much healthier than plastic) storage containers with colorful beans, grains, spices or dried fruit for an attractive display on your kitchen counter or shelf.

Recycled Mustard Pot for Kitchen Tools


I love finding new uses for objects I find attractive. In this case, I brought home a crock of fancy mustard from a big department store in Paris and now it holds some of my kitchen utensils. I just love how this looks and it was free – if you don’t count the plane fare.