Look Younger, Live Longer? The Case for Inner Health, Outer Beauty

Genetics, bone structure and cosmetic procedures (which may make you look smoother, but not necessarily younger and sometimes just strange) aside, there is some proof that your appearance is dependent on your internal health.

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Once people reach the middle of their lives, the way they have lived up to that point is literally written all over their faces and bodies. Unless drastic measures are taken to turn around those habits of a lifetime, the prognosis for the decades to follow (hopefully 30+) years is not good.

This article, based on a 2008 study, explains that you really are what you eat and it shows on your face.

There are a lot of natural lifestyle changes that can be done to enhance your health, well-being and appearance. Of course, eating real, whole foods (mostly plant-based, at least half raw), exercising (especially resistance training), relaxation, sleep and being a positive, happy person with supportive relationships is key. We need to ensure balanced hormones and avoid toxins as well.

Using natural, unprocessed alternatives instead of mainstream, packaged products full of chemicals and toxins, will save your health and your pocketbook too!

Coconut oil, for example, can serve many uses, from body moisturizer to hair conditioner to mouthwash and it is very economical. With a little effort, you can also craft some of your own personal care products by combining pure ingredients with essential oils. There are whole books written on this subject and a google search yields countless ideas that use such basics as baking soda, avocado, honey, yogurt and olive oil. Vitamin E capsules are an easy night treatment for facial skin too.

If you are not the DIY type, seek out products that are made without harmful ingredients. You can check www.ewg.org to see if the cosmetics and other personal care products you use are toxic and even carcinogenic!

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