VIDEO: How to Make Almond Nut Milk at Home

Homemade almond milk thumb-noface

Making your own nut milk at home is so simple that it almost does not require a recipe. If you would like to see it done, check out the short video above! You can use almost any nut, seed or a combination. Brazil nut mixed with almond is a favourite of mine. Sesame seed milk is packed with calcium, so …

My Pain Liniment – All Natural Spray Relief


At a serendipitous time (my feet were killing me) I discovered this unique new spray product, MyPain Liniment, at the 2016 CHFA East trade show for health products.  The small glass bottle contains mainly DMSO and peppermint oil.

New Products from CHFA East!


Every fall, I look forward to discovering new and exciting health products at the Canadian Health Food Association, CHFA East conference and trade show. In the photo you can see some of my faves! I somehow missed featuring the shampoo on the tray above in my upcoming videos and wanted to mention it. A natural shampoo without harmful chemicals, that …