Dehydrated Raw Burger Patties

These delicious burger patties are full of healthy ingredients and enzymes. Don’t let the somewhat lengthy list of ingredients deter you. You do need to plan ahead a bit to allow time for soaking the nuts and seeds to increase their nutritional value. Raw Veggie Burger Patties – Makes 3 dozen patties 1 c. brazil nuts1 c. walnuts1 c. sesame …

Raw Food Retreat – Food as Art

Fantastic and super healthy treats presented by holistic nutritionista Marni Wasserman on a recent raw food retreat included: fixings for making nori rolls, raw pancakes with blueberries and mango, exotic fruits with raw chocolate sauce, many varieties of salad, superfoods, raw cacao pudding, collard wraps, pesto kelp noodles, green juices and smoothies and much, much more!