Schools Kill Creativity!

You must watch this speech by a very eloquent and funny British scholar who says that schools kill creativity. Very thought provoking!

What WIll You Regret?

I recently came across this article about the regrets people have on their deathbeds and found it very enlightening. It was written by a woman who worked with people who were in their last days of life and it got me thinking about what I might regret and where I ought to change course before it is too late. You …

Mimi Kirk Shares Her Secrets to Longevity and Staying Young on Raw Food


Yesterday, I walked for an hour while listening to this great interview with the lovely and inspirational Mimi Kirk, who will soon turn 73! Some of her tips for staying young include: having a good attitude, starting the day with green juice and eating as much raw food as possible. She describes how she came from a family of 7 …