Kombucha – The Famous Living Tea


Kombucha seems to be the new “it” drink for 2010. The fizzy drink is known for strengthening the immune system, detoxification and balancing intestinal flora. It contains many vitamins (including B12), enzymes, organic acids, antioxidants and polyphenols and a teeny percentage (less than .5% in this case) of alcohol. This brand is brewed by crudessence and comes in three flavors. …

Goji Berries – Extraordinary Superfood


Goji berries (also known as Chinese Wolfberry) are nutrient dense, alkalizing and boost your immune system. Other health claims include improving eyesight and stabilizing blood sugar. They contain polysaccharides, powerful free radical scavengers, which stimulate T-cell production and discourage tumor formation. At their booth at The Whole Life Expo,Sun Life Goji provided samples of their imported, certified organic goji berries. …

Hemp Seed from Manitoba Harvest at The Whole Life Expo


Manitoba Harvest generously provided lots of samples (with some to take away) of hemp seed, hemp oil, hemp seed butter and hemp milk in unsweetened, regular, vanilla and chocolate (this flavor was particularly tasty.) There were also several varieties of protein powder. The hemp seed butter is a great alternative for kid’s school lunches as a substitute for verboten peanut …

Live Organic Food Bar – Burger with the Works!


Oh my goodness, was this ever delicious – a raw burger with the works! All the deliciousness with none of the detrimental health effects of the real thing! This dehydrated patty is comprised of nuts, seeds and vegetables, and as you can see, it comes with ketchup and mustard, pickle and what tasted like caramelized onion plus some kale leaves …

Universal Stone at The Whole Life Expo


Here is a fabulous, non-toxic cleaner that you can use on almost anything, including metals, glass, vehicles, granite and pretty much anything else that needs cleaning. It is made from soap flakes, glycerine, vegetable oil and natural lemon oil. It is not cheap, but you don’t need to use a lot – just rub a damp sponge over the surface …

PRANA Products


I stopped by the PRANA booth to sample some crunchy nuts and a new, prize winning food item – PRANA cold-pressed chia oil, organic, raw and rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. It tasted quite similar to flax oil. For more information about their products, go to http://www.pranana.com


Raw Organic Kombucha


This Canadian made drink is full of probiotics and enzymes. Kombucha’s benefits include detoxification, improved digestion, metabolism and liver function. Other claims for the product include weight and appetite control, longevity and an alkalizing effect on the blood. It tasted fizzy and a bit sour, sort of vinegary, but pleasant and can be found in many health food stores in …

Whole Life Expo – November 26-28, 2010


This weekend, you can investigate the latest from the field of alternative health. WHOLE LIFE EXPO 2010 is being held at the North Building of The Metro Toronto Convention Centre, 255 Front Street West, Toronto, Ontario from November 26-28, 2010. In addition to enjoying samples of a plethora of healthy treats and new food and alternative health items, you can …

A “Really Useful” Banana Fork?!


Bananas are such a nutritious snack, but just try to pack them anywhere and they always end up bruised, blackened and mushy. Not so appetizing. So when I ran into our local dollar store to pick up some office supplies and spotted this useful item, I grabbed it. Little did I know that it would provide hours of entertainment for …