Happiness = Experiences NOT things!

Why? Experiences provide more lasting satisfaction than things. We can take pleasure in our memories of good times for the rest of our lives. Things get broken, become outdated, get lost, wear out or we just get sick of them and no longer love them or want them in our lives. Sometimes the novelty of a new item wears off before the credit card bill is paid!

Shopping is not all bad, but let’s be conscious in our choices rather than exercising indiscriminate consumerism. Think carefully before making a purchase – do you REALLY need this item?

Remember, everything you own demands time from you. You have to find a place to keep it, you have to clean and maintain it. Multiply that by thousands of items and you may have no time left for what is important – experiences, perhaps with friends and family. Things cannot love you, living things can, so think twice before adding another unnecessary thing to your home.

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