Embracing Hygge: Tips to Survive Winter Weather

I am writing this as a blizzard whirls outside my window, with temperatures in the negative double digits. School is cancelled and we are warned to avoid driving.  At this point in time, even the most robust among us are growing weary of frigid weather, ice, snow and multiple layers of clothing 

Some people are blessed to be able to get away to a warmer climate, but if that is not us, how can we cope and find ways to survive these frigid conditions? Is it possible to enjoy yourself while living in a harsh climate?

The Swedish have a term for hunkering down and getting cozy, known as Hygge. This concept involves creating comfort in our homes, with décor and simple pleasures, things that bring us joy.

Bringing comfort to our lives may include getting rid of little annoyances that cause irritation. So, fixing that dripping tap, replacing the burnt-out lightbulb or getting rid of clutter can be a key to improving our day to day lives. For inspiration to simplify your life, by keeping only things that spark joy, read one of organizing expert Marie Kondo’s books about tidying up. Getting rid of your stretched out socks with holes and changing the way you fold the nice ones could be just the boost you need!

To enjoy the season, try to embrace the cold. Bundle up in lots of layers and go for a brisk walk or enjoy an outdoor sport like skiing or skating. Then, come into the coziness of your house and enjoy a warm drink by the fire, while buried in soft throws. Diffuse essential oils or light a fragrant candle. I like a natural beeswax or soy candle without artificial scent. Cook a big pot of soup. Have a sauna or a hot bath with Epsom salts. Pamper yourself!

Don’t neglect exercise. If you really don’t want to be freezing outside, try an indoor workout. You can do a quick, full-body workout with no equipment at home using a 7-minute workout app, although I would suggest doing it twice!

Focus on healthy choices when it comes to diet, as the tendency is to do some emotional eating during winter, resulting in weight gain that you will have to shed in spring. Choose foods that will enhance rather than detract from your well-being and you will feel energetic, rather than bloated and sluggish.

And remember, in the harshest part of winter, you can take comfort that spring and new growth is just around the corner!

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