Still sorting stuff out . . . today’s organizing discovery

Well, today I discovered that I have more than enough candles and definitely shouldn’t buy any more of them until I have depleted my current stock. At the rate I am going, I probably won’t need any more candles for the next decade.

Isn’t it funny how we tend to buy the same thing over and over. For some reason, black clothes, comfortable shoes and candles are like catnip for me.

I had candles stashed in several spots in my house and I have now consolidated all of them so they are together at last. I am not getting rid of them because they are consumables and will eventually disappear. I really like flames and ambiance.

What items are you impelled to buy even though you don’t really need them?

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  1. what a great question to pose! it will probably inspire a like-minded post in the future! well i think toilletries (the replenishing of makeup or shower products) often get me. though today Im going out to buy an eco friendly alternative menstrual product (the cup) in which you never have to buy tampons again if you so choose(which I will probably end up writing about!). Whenever you DO run out of candles I guess they are available in soy instead of beeswax….

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    Hi Nicole,

    I was smiling while reading your comment because one of the reasons I have so many candles is because I keep UPGRADING them, mostly to soy based, which is less toxic and better for the environment and health. Every time I see a soy candle, especially on sale, I have a hard time not buying it. I just need to stay out of stores that carry candles!

    I have also sworn to only buy truly green products from now on, so thanks very much for your suggestions. It is nice that they are becoming somewhat easier to find.

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