Organization and Simplicity Project

Well, the mess continues. I have been systematically going through my entire house and purging things I no longer need or love. It has been months and I am starting to feel like it will never end.

Actually, the truth is, it never will and I need to start accepting that fact. Our lives consist of things coming in and things going out and you can’t take any of it with you when you leave. Nothing really belongs to us, we just have use of it, so I am trying to enjoy what I need and love and let go of the rest.

This is not an easy task for someone who had parents who grew up during the Great Depression. And as a creative person, I struggle with letting go of anything I can find a use for – hey, that sweater would make a great cushion cover and I can use my husband’s old shirts to protect my clothing when I paint! I can use this little jar to hold some painting mediums and that clear plastic chocolate box will make a great drawer divider. You get the picture.

Well, this all is great when practiced in moderation – i.e. you actually use the items for their intended purpose, but my problem is the piles and piles of potentially useful items that are sitting there, taking up valuable real estate, waiting to be used. I have to confess also that I have about 50 environmentally friendly, don’t use the plastic bag canvas sacks for shopping, most of which were free from some organization or other. Yet, half the time, I forget to take them into the store and end up with the plastic bag anyhow. Sigh.

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