This one was a shocker for me – apparently the average American throws away more than 22 pounds of garbage every day! I am pretty sure it would take our family of four weeks to get to that amount since we compost and recycle most of our refuse.

Yesterday was EARTH DAY and my youngest son participated in a protest at school. Every day, cars line up to pick up the children (all of whom live within walking distance of the school) and sit there with engines running. The children prepared signs and marched back and forth in front of the school.

Apparently there is a giant garbage swirl in the ocean between California and Japan that is up to 90 feet deep in some places. This garbage comes from as far away as Iowa and is a result of people throwing garbage in the streets and it is swept into the storm sewers and eventually out to sea. Many living creatures die because of plastic bags in particular. Very sad and frightening.

Seriously, what are people thinking? If we are borrowing this planet from our children, we are treating it disgracefully.

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