Healthy Sugarless Gum – New Packaging, Still Tastes Great!

As I have previously mentioned here, it is very difficult to find sugar-free gum without aspartame here in Canada. After traveling in the U.S. I am realizing that the situation is similar south of the border. You have to read labels very carefully, even when purchasing gum with sugar, because they usually throw in some aspartame, a neurotoxin that I do not want myself or my kids ingesting.

Lately, I have found some gum sold over the counter in health food stores here, but the flavor lasts a few seconds and then you are left chewing a tasteless wad.

Zapp gum is available by mail order. They claim the highest percentage of Xylitol in their gum, which means more flavor and better dental health. It is amazing to me that a sweetener could actually be good for your teeth, but it is. In fact, they recommend at least 6 pieces per day.

If you would like to know more and see the new packaging, go to:

All the flavors are really good, but my favorite is the fresh fruit one. If you are not sure what you would like best, I would recommend ordering a variety pack.

Happy chewing!

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