The Art of Non-Conformity Re: Qualifications

I loved this super funny and smart article re: Qualifications. You really don’t need any, as the author has proven! I have noticed that many uber-successful people don’t ask permission from anybody to create whatever they can dream up!

Having said that, I have been attending nutrition school to add to my “qualifications”, which is a little ironic given the article I just quoted. I have been thoroughly enjoying being back in school. A lot of what I have studied so far has been a review of classes I took many moons ago at university but it has been so fun to hang out with other people of like mind and intention and immerse myself in a subject I love.

On a side note, it is getting pretty chilly here in Ontario, but no snow to speak of yet!

I have been immersed in studying anatomy & physiology this month but spent the late afternoon using up a half dozen very ripe bananas in a gluten-free muffin experiment. I haven’t perfected the recipe yet, but it involves brown rice flour, almond pulp, mesquite and coconut oil with a few vegan chocolate chips thrown in for fun. Fortunately I live with a bunch of non-picky individuals who devour all my experiments regardless of the outcome. The only sweetener in the muffins, other than the fruit, is a teeny touch of stevia and a small amount of either coconut sugar or organic molasses. I have found that using 1/8 tsp. or less of stevia in a recipe in combination with another natural source of sweetness such as fruit tastes really fantastic – no bitter after taste at all. Bonus – the house smells amazing!

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